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Rather than keep updating lots of different profiles I'm going to try and keep them minimal and have my main swinging / fetish / dating profile here.


Sexual submissive with vast, near-insatiable need for domination and hard gangfucking. Can accom Guildford. 🏡 Only ever available now.*

Am obsessed with gang bangs and struggle to get them. Trying to rebuild little black book. 

🚫 No black or Indian guys please

🔞 21+ only

More 📸 on Twitter / insta (and here)

🤳🏼 Send face pic first please


- Avoid excessive internal pain 

- Do not coerce me to top/domme men 

- No lasting emotional harm

- No permanent damage without special consent  

My consent rules are: It’s better to ask forgiveness than permission.


Old Fetlife Profile

### Summary

*↓ Seeking ↑* Additional Master/Mistress, or Owner.† Need to be into lots of aspects of BDSM & fetish with a good risk appetite, and an open mind.

Ideally you like arranging gangbangs; have degredation, drugs and rape fetishes; are an outrageous pervert; and/or an interest in making porn.

*↓ Offering* my obedience, my soul, my services (not only sexual), the prestige of owning me, and lots of filthy fun.

† I'm polyamorous and need more than one dominant in my life, if only for resilience and stability purposes (not just that).

### About me

I'm a British, lunatic, postop‍ ♀ts ⚧, bimbo, sissysub, wannabe pornstar. Am exclusively submissive/bottom with mascs, and occasionally switch with younger femmes.

My primary fetishes are degredation (especially sexual), exhibitionism (clubs, dogging, webcamming...), drugs (ie. being drugged, or drugging, ideally cNC) and [gang]rape (ideally under cNC). I enjoy most of BDSM, although I can be a wuss about pain, but most of all seek to submit.

I have few limits and could be considered a true masochist; I like it when I don't like it, as long as its sexy & filthy.

### External links

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* This profile: [][] ;)


Athletic (I play roller derby & race motorbikes), large boobs, long blonde & pink hair, blue eyes, 5'8". Four large tattoos (each with special meaning) and counting, minimal piercings.

I like to make friends laugh. I run a small business, am a nerd & a pagan (technomancy), and my best friend is my doggo. I live in Guildford, Surrey, and go fetish clubbing in London & Brighton. I also occasionally travel to West Coast US (San Fran & Portland) on kinky holidays.

I am also a protector. A provider. A caring listener. A natural leader (C* exec). A loving Mummy to many (non-sexual). A fiercely-loyal mother-wolf. The one who stands up for and defends others in my tribe (yeah, I get into fights). But I am without a (chosen) family or an owner, and despite all my power I am deeply vulnerable. This animal needs the containment of ownership/control and a pack/family to belong to.

### Seeking

I am primarily looking to meet experienced, emotionally-mature Dominants. I hope to find a new Master or Mistress, or better yet a Daddy or Mummy, and am especially interested dominant couples

If you don't engage with the 'scene (munches, clubs etc) and are "private play only" I'm not interested. I am also interested in female Subs & Switches, and am always open to new friends to go clubbing with.

This post on [][TheAcid Tests ((Sorting real Tops from fakers))], in particular "Step 3", well-describes what I seek in a Dominant.

#### Bottoming

Most of all I simply seek to submit. For me that is about a range of play elements including (some of, not necessarily all) protocol, bondage, impact play, humiliation (postural & verbal, but the latter requires a delicate touch), and sexual. With the right Dominant I can remain in an obedient, submissive headspace for many hours.

One of my biggest kinks is sexual usery/domination. I am especially a fan of well-orchastrated gangbangs, preferably involving bondage (think SexAndSubmission.comor I'm also a massive exhibitionist. Being dominated and/or sexually used in public is knee-weakening. Some good friends have been slowly introducing me to sex positive culture and I want to shift my group play somewhat more in that direction, though that is a work in progress.

Although not a hard-core masochist, I am putty in the hands of a skilled sadist who can artfully build the pain. I also love sensation play, wax, needles, blades etc. Subspace is my nirvana and I have recently been learning the skill of letting go / surrender. I also squeal, writhe (and cry) a lot if not doing the "floaty away" thing which can be a lot of fun for the sadist even if less fun for me - but that's fine so long as I get adequate aftercare.

I'm primarily seeking dominants who enjoy a broad range of BDSM and have an equally broad range of fetishes though since I want to learn and explore not just stay within the same niches.

I'm open to almost anything, just ask.

#### Topping / Switching

I do sometimes switch with women*. Not with men.

As a top I am predominately a predator. I like to physically overpower my victims, choke them, use crude (but robust) restraint (straps, duct tape etc), humiliate them, and that's just for starters. My inner sadist is a beast I am still learning to tame and is quite primal; I'm all about punching & kicking, and rending flesh with teeth & claws. I have some skill with the tools of the trade (floggers, canes etc) but can be lacking in patience at times!

I do also like the D/s element for contained periods. Mind games/fuckery, protocol, public servitude etc. Not necessarily confined to BDSM clubs either. Subtly dominating a partner in a vanilla space is a lot of fun.

However, my natural personality is highly dominant and I am extremely so in my regular life, therefore I mostly seek to sub/bottom when playing. Topping can be draining, but the payoff for me is in the aftercare. I'm therefore only interested in topping women who a) allow me to provide them adequate aftercare (I love spending 1-2 hours caring for & putting someone back together after I have broken them) and b) who reciprocate by catering to my needs for submission (more on this below).

#### Life partner(s)

Mostly I'm just looking for play partners here, but I am weary of being single in truth. I don't really know exactly what I'm looking for, but they will definitely need to be of above-average intelligence, highly emotionally aware (including self-aware), good at communicating, open-minded and non-monogamous (but not necessarily poly; open would be fine).

In most of my relationships I have been more the dominant day-to-day in a maternalistic-and-caring, highly protective, but driven-and-goal-oriented manner, while we reverse roles when it comes to sex and play. I therefore don't necessarily seek an über-dom who is "always on", in fact I'm not sure such a person exists. Someone who welcomes me taking charge during the day while they run the night would be just fine. ;)

I also have a romantic longing to belonging to a poly family. For instance, the "b" in my reciprocation part under topping/switching could be acquired secondarily through a different poly member in theory, but I've yet to make such a dynamic work. Perhaps I've just been unlucky, but having been burned I'm skittish about it now. I know for certain that I am capable of loving more than one person, and I believe I have the necessary communication skills and emotional intelligence to make it work, so perhaps I've just not met the right people.

#### A final word

I was once a boy, but got my birth defects fixed and am now a girl. I don't select the trans option because I'm no different to a regular woman now. It's not normally something I bother to tell people I've just met, especially since nobody ever thinks I'm trans, even if we fuck. Figured I should mention it though!

If you want to see close up pics of my nether regions you can see my designer vagina on [Swinging Heaven].

#### * How I am attracted to genders

Gender is not binary and bisexuality/pansexuality is complicated, so I feel I should clarify a little:

* As a sub/bottom I like people of any gender. More the merrier when it comes to sex.
* As a Domme/sadist I like people on the girlish end of the spectrum, but also find androgyny extremely hot. Effeminate/petite boys welcome, but I won't want to fuck you.

### BDSMtest.orgResults from Dec '18

This result confuses me. I answered the test quite honestly and in the past have found them fairly on the nose other than a couple of exceptions.

The first thing is how far down dom/mistress/hunter etc are. I definitely have a strong Mummy/Owner side, and I'd have thought those would be well above 50%. Then exhibitionism being only 61%, but that has made me wonder how much of the horniness I find in exhibitionism actually comes through it being a __degrading__ act?

Biggest surprise of all is that apparently I'm now less masochistic. But like I said, it's not without it's flaws this test.

99% Experimentalist
98% Non-monogamist
98% Boy/Girl
96% Ageplayer
96% Switch
96% Degradee
94% Primal (Prey)
94% Submissive
91% Rope bunny
75% Pet
61% Exhibitionist
56% Masochist
49% Owner
49% Slave
48% Degrader
45% Daddy/Mommy
41% Sadist
40% Brat
34% Master/Mistress
23% Voyeur
20% Primal (Hunter)
5% Dominant
4% Brat tamer
2% Rigger
0% Vanilla

*Demon of Storms*
*Mistress of Machines*
*Fall of Man*